Grinding Mill

Based on the production demands of millions of customers, ZENITH has developed the industrial milling machines which cover fully the crude powder, fine powder and ultrafine powder. The tens of years of customer service experiences make ZENITH learn better the customer's investment ideas and considerations so as to provide specific solutions.

Performance Characteristics and Application Advantages of Medium - speed Micro - grinding

The speed of micro-grinding referred to as micro-grinding, is my company milling machine experts in the years of production on the basis of industrial mill, learn from Germany and Japan advanced fineness grading technology using fluid mechanics, with great concentration, the new design can be with the air Grinding comparable to the micro-grinding, which in one fell swoop successfully solved the domestic ultra-fine powder using airflow grinding high cost of high problems, is a high-efficiency high-pressure micro-grinding.

Medium-speed micro-grinding (ultra-fine grinding) is widely used in cement, calcite, phosphate rock, gypsum, graphite, glass, manganese ore, titanium ore, copper, chrome ore, refractory materials, insulation materials, coal, Black, clay, bone meal, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, quartz and other Mohs hardness is not greater than 7, humidity below 6% of non-flammable and explosive minerals, construction, chemical, fertilizer and other industries more than 300 kinds of high Fine powder processing, finished grain size between 400-4000 mesh arbitrary adjustment.

Medium-speed micro-grinding works:

The machine works the same as the R series Raymond Mill. But in the grinding device set up a high-pressure spring, so that between the roller and grinding ring grinding force increased by 1.2 times. When the grinding roller and grinding ring to a certain wear, by adjusting the length of high-pressure spring, so that between the roller ring to maintain a constant rolling pressure to ensure quality and stability. At the same time in the grinding device, the parts through technical improvements, so that the contact area between the roller and grinding ring to achieve a large, to avoid the general mill, small particles in the uneven cracks in the phenomenon can not be continuous crushing. According to the Bernoulli equation calculation and simulation results of the gas flow, the geometrical shape of the blade in the fineness classifier is changed, and the inclination angle and the relative clearance are re-adjusted so that the ultrafine powder entering the grading can be effectively and accurately Elected out.

Medium-speed micro-grinding performance characteristics:

  • 1, efficient
  • In the finished product fineness and motor power of the same circumstances, than the air mill and mixing mill production 40% higher.
  • 2, the use of a high degree of wearing parts
  • In the case of the same fineness of finished materials and finished products, than the impact crusher and turbine mill wear parts long life, generally up to more than a year.
  • 3, high security and reliability
  • Because there is no rolling bearing within the grinding chamber, no screws, so there is no bearing and its seal vulnerable to the problem, there is no loosening of the screw and damage the machine.
  • 4, product fineness high
  • Product fineness can reach 4000 mesh at one time.
  • 5, environmental protection

The use of pulse dust and muffler to reduce dust pollution and noise, to the national environmental standards, the surrounding environment without pollution.

Medium-speed micro-grinding Application advantages:

  • 1, finished a wide range of particle size, fine particle size of up to 3500 head;
  • 2, dust removal effect is better;
  • 3, the analysis machine is very convenient to adjust;
  • 4, the device sealing performance is better;
  • 5, advanced technology and reasonable, reliable quality.