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Fluorite ultra-fine grinding production line characteristics of what

Ultra-fine grinding in the use of the industry in the process, the material can be processed to meet the hardness of less than seven in the Mohs, humidity below 6%, non-flammable and explosive conditions, as long as the three conditions to meet the material are Can be produced, otherwise, not only may result in the decline in the efficiency of production, but also may cause damage to parts, and even those who will cause the safety of staff, so we in the actual use of the process, must be strict In accordance with the provisions of the operation, to prevent the emergence of hidden dangers.

In the usual production line, the common ultra-fine grinding can be processed materials are generally quartz, feldspar, clay, clay, bentonite, calcite, talc, barite, fluorite, clay, white mud, gypsum, etc., in these materials Of the production, with different performance, but also has a different characteristics, where we have to analyze the production process for fluorite, what characteristics of the problem.

The point is that you can work continuously, and the fluorite superfine grinding process is the use of pulse dust collector, no rolling and screw grinding chamber, so you can avoid the time of production, wear parts between the situation, for the extension of life and Maintenance frequency reduction, are favorable;

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The second point is the use of high-pressure centrifugal fan device works and conventional machine is completely different, low investment costs, short recovery cycle, long life, generally more than a year, this advantage for ultrafine mill machine processing fluorite production line Said that you can get better production efficiency;

The third point is the safe and reliable operation of the grinding chamber, product fineness, environmental pollution, the use of efficient pulse dust collector, the entire equipment operation process, no dust pollution, has been able to effectively reduce the noise, which in full accordance with national environmental standards , Played a very good environmental performance, but also ultra-fine grinding by the industry welcomed a more important factor;

The main introduction is the fluorite superfine grinding production line features, the above is mainly carried out three aspects of the introduction, fluorite production can be used for glass, ceramics, cement and other building materials, can also be used for toothpaste and other life, More importantly, can be used in the aerospace industry, so the introduction of the production line, is conducive to people a better understanding of it.