Grinding Mill

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coal mill power plant India

coal pulverizer

The market-based pulverized coal energy plant design is depending on the utilization of pulverized coal feeding a conventional steam boiler and steam turbine. The plant configuration is based on current state-of-the-art technologies, commercially readily available elements, and current industry trends. The traditional pulverized coal energy plant with the 1970s and 1980s contained reputable equipment with built-in redundancy and numerous levels of safeguards against unplanned downtime.

Coal pulverizers are essentially volumetric devices, as the density of coal is pretty continual, are rated in mass units of tons/hr. A pulverizer accepts a volume of material to become pulverized which can be dependent on the physical dimensions of your mill and also the capability of coal to pass by the coal pulverizing system. The furnace volume and mill capacity inside a certain power station may possibly dictate the need to have to buy coals that are reactive and simply grind. The prevalent measure of mass in tons allows matching of power needs with obtainable coal properties and mill capacity.

coal handling system

The function with the balance-of-plant coal handling system is usually to give the equipment needed for unloading, conveying, preparing, and storing the coal delivered to the plant. The scope in the system is from the trestle bottom dumper and coal receiving hoppers as much as and which includes the slide gate valves on the outlet of your coal storage silos.

operation description

The coal is delivered to the web-site by unit trains of 100-ton rail automobiles.Each and every unit train consists of 100, 100-ton rail vehicles. The unloading will likely be performed by a trestle bottom dumper, which unloads the coal to two receiving hoppers. Coal from each and every hopper is fed straight into a vibratory feeder. The coal from the feeder is discharged onto a belt conveyor. The coal is then transferred to a conveyor that transfers the coal for the reclaim area. The conveyor passes below a magnetic plate separator to get rid of tramp iron, and after that towards the reclaim pile.Coal from the reclaim pile is fed by two vibratory feeders, located under the pile, onto a belt conveyor, which transfers the coal towards the coal surge bin located in the crusher tower. The coal is reduced in size to 3" x 0 by the initial of two coal crushers. The coal then enters a second crusher that reduces the coal size to 1" x 0. The coal is then transferred by conveyor for the transfer tower. In the transfer tower the coal is routed towards the tripper that loads the coal into one particular from the six silos.