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Does the moisture of stone affect the output of Raymond mill?

When we use the high-pressure mill, we often see the requirements of the equipment for the stone, such as the hardness of the stone suitable for grinding by the high-pressure Raymond mill, and the requirement for the moisture of the stone must be within a few percent. This makes the users who use the grinding equipment for the first time very confused. Does the moisture of the stone affect the output of the high-pressure mill?

  • 1. We all know that when the high-pressure mill is used to process stone materials, the blade first shovel the stone material between the grinding roller rings, and then, under the action of the strong centrifugal force and gravity of the grinding roller, the stone material is compacted. On the grinding ring, the material is gradually broken and ground into powder.
  • 2. When we understand the working principle of the high-pressure Raymond mill, it is not difficult to find that the high-pressure mill can easily generate a lot of heat in the grinding chamber during the grinding of the stone. If the water of our milled stone is large, it will evaporate when it is heated to a certain extent during the grinding process. In this way, it is bound to change the direction of movement of the airflow in the grinding chamber of the high-pressure mill. If it is serious, it is likely to cause low-volume or even blasting accidents.
  • Does the moisture of stone affect the output of Raymond mill?
  • 3. When the high-pressure mill grinds the stone, if the stone moisture is too large, it is easy to adhere to the grinding cavity due to the high humidity when it is crushed. In this way, as more and more adhered stone powder, the high-speed mill speed and pressure are also getting larger and larger, which will eventually reduce the mill output.
  • 4. Not only that, when the stone moisture is too large to form a sticking phenomenon, it is easy to increase the friction between the parts of the equipment, reduce the grinding speed, and also cause great wear on the parts, and even reduce the high-pressure mill. The service life.

Of course, materials of different natures have different requirements for moisture in the operation of high-pressure Raymond mill grinding. Under normal circumstances, the high-pressure mill requires that the stone moisture is not higher than 6%, so that the best grinding effect of the equipment can be better realized, and the milling efficiency and quality of the high-pressure mill can be optimized.