Grinding Mill

Based on the production demands of millions of customers, ZENITH has developed the industrial milling machines which cover fully the crude powder, fine powder and ultrafine powder. The tens of years of customer service experiences make ZENITH learn better the customer's investment ideas and considerations so as to provide specific solutions.

Germany Closed-circuit Cement Mill Manufacturer

German cement mill production scale continued to expand, and this is a great demand for cement processing equipment on the market. Currently, the cement grinding accordance with the process can be divided into: open circuit cement mill system, closed-circuit cement mill system, joint cement mill system. Open circuit cement mill system is simple, less equipment, less investment. It is the majority of businesses economic and practical choice. Creating a new grinding station, businesses buy clinker from different clinker production enterprises. Clinker grindability bound to be different. Changes in closed-circuit grinding production and the grinding fineness of cement is not quite as easy to adjust than the open circuit grinding advantage. When materials integrated water into the mill more than 1.5%, the open mill production decline.

Closed-circuit Cement Mill System Application

Achieve an annual output of 600,000 tons of cement, ZENITH professionally designed several alternative solutions, you can choose the right programs and high-quality processing equipment according to your production needs.

  • Option One: roller press + ¦µ3.2 ¡Á 13m ball mill;
  • Option Two: ¦µ3.8 ¡Á 13m closed-circuit grinding;
  • Option Three: clinker fine crusher + ¦µ3.2 ¡Á 13m ball mill.

The mined ores are first preliminary crushing by jaw crusher. After crushed to a reasonable degree of fineness, ore is fed evenly into the ball mill by hoist . The ball mill are crushing, grinding the ore. After a ball mill developed ore fines into the next process: classification. The spiral classifier grading ore mixture was graded with the principle of solid particles of different specific gravity in the liquid often speed different.