Raymond grinding mill

Based on the production demands of millions of customers, ZENITH has developed the industrial milling machines which cover fully the crude powder, fine powder and ultrafine powder. The tens of years of customer service experiences make ZENITH learn better the customer's investment ideas and considerations so as to provide specific solutions.

Raymond grinding mill

Raymond grinding in the normal operation of the ban on random refueling, to ensure the safety of production, milling machine in any of some of the abnormal noise, or the load should suddenly increase the view, remove the problem, to avoid major accidents. And then continue to boot when the need to remove the mill more than material, or when the current is too large, the impact of launch.

Protection of conservation changes

  • 1, Raymond Mill in the use of the process, there should be a fixed staff as a guard, the operator must have a certain level of skill. Mill in the equipment before the operator is necessary to carry out the necessary skills training to understand the principle of the mill function, familiar with the operating procedures.
  • 2, in order to make Raymond Mill normal, should be prepared equipment "equipment maintenance safe operation guidelines" to ensure that the mill for a long time safe operation, together with the necessary repair things and smooth grease and the corresponding accessories The
  • 3, Raymond Mill after a period of time, should be repaired, together with the grinding roller grinding blade and other wearing parts repair repair replacement, roller equipment before and after the use of convergence bolts and nuts should be carefully viewed , To see if there is a loose appearance, smooth grease is not enough.
  • 4, roller equipment, the use of more than 500 hours to replace the roller from time to time, the roller sleeve of the rolling bearing the need for cleaning, the damage should be replaced in a timely manner, refueling things can be used manually pump and grease gun.
  • 5, the bearings are used on the 1st MOS2 grease or ZN-2 sodium bitter glaze smooth
  • 6. Roller bearings each class refueling once, the host base bearing every 4 classes plus time, blower bearings every month plus time. Bearing room temperature rise shall not exceed 70 ℃, found that the bearing overheating, should be unloaded clean bearings and bearing rooms and other accessories to clean once.
Raymond grinding mill

bug removal

  • Raymond Mill in the use of the process of the problems presented by the following can be dealt with:
  • more than a problem
  • No powder or powder low production value
  • Cause: (1) lock the machine is not adjusted, the seal is not strict, constitute powder suction. (2) blade wear and tear, material shovel can not afford.
  • Removal method: (1) to check and adjust the lock powder seal, found that the leak should be blade. (2) replace the new blade.
  • more than two problems
  • The product is too thick or too thin
  • Cause: (1) analysis machine blade wear severe, can not afford grading. (2) fan air volume is not appropriate.
  • Removal method: (1) replace the leaves of the appropriate small fan into the air to solve the rough. (2) should be fine to increase the amount of imported air.
  • more than three problems
  • Host current rises, fan current decreases
  • Cause: (1) overdose, the duct is blocked by the powder, the pipeline exhaust is poor, the circulating air heat to make the main current, machine temperature to add, fan current decreases.
  • Removal method: (1) cut the amount of feed, the eradication of air duct powder. (2) open large duct valve, into the machine material temperature control below 6 ℃.
  • more than four problems
  • Host noise is large and there is greater oscillation
  • Cause: (1) the amount of feed is small. Shovel wear grim, shovel can not afford material, anchor bolts loose. (2) material hard impact large, or no material layer (3) grinding wheel grinding ring round the face of severe deformation.
  • Removal method: (1) adjust the amount of feed, replace the new blade. (2) Replace the feed size. (3) replace the roller, grinding ring.
  • more than five problems
  • Fan oscillation
  • Cause: (1) the wind on the accumulation of powder or wear imbalance. (2) anchor bolts loose.
  • Removal method: (1) to eliminate leaf powder or replace the leaves. (2) tighten the anchor bolts.
  • more than six problems
  • Drives and Analyzers Oil Fever
  • Cause: (1) oil viscosity large oil thickness, screw pump oil can not get up to make the upper bearing oil.
  • Removal method: (1) check the oil mark and viscosity is not consistent with the demand. (2) View the direction of the machine.
  • more common problems
  • Roller equipment into the powder bearing wear cup
  • Cause: (1) oil, or seal damage. (2) lack of repair and cleaning for a long time.
  • Remedy: (1) refueling in accordance with the rules at all times. (2) regular cleaning, replace the oil seal.
  • 1. Raymond Mill All Raymond machine is a vertical structure, covers an area of ​​relatively small, strong system, whether from the original data is still rough to the delivery to the milling and the final packaging, Can be self-contained as a separate production system
  • 2. Raymond Machine (Raymond Mill) Compared with other milling equipment, it has a high sieving rate of up to 99%, and other milling equipment is usually not reachable.
  • 3. Raymond machine (Raymond Mill) host transmission equipment selection of closed gear box and pulley, smooth transmission, reliable operation.
  • 4. Raymond Mill main components are selected excellent casting and profile production, skills, precision, careful process to ensure the durability of the entire equipment.
  • 5. Raymond Mill of the electrical system used centralized control, milling workshop can be completed almost no homework, and repair convenience.