Grinding Mill

Based on the production demands of millions of customers, ZENITH has developed the industrial milling machines which cover fully the crude powder, fine powder and ultrafine powder. The tens of years of customer service experiences make ZENITH learn better the customer's investment ideas and considerations so as to provide specific solutions.

Raymond Mill modified

Raymond Mill Connection Modification

  • 1, the construction plant should consider the top of the host can hang 1.5 to 2 tons of lifting things for repair.
  • 2, the host and the blower necessary level on the concrete foundation, whirlwind collector and dust collector in the equipment and equipment in the back of its feet under the digging irrigation concrete.
  • 3, the equipment is necessary to connect the pipe between the flange sealing seal, not allowed to leak.

Raymond Mill New Use Modified

  • The skills of stone making paper, the principle that is the main ingredient of the stone "calcium carbonate" grinded into ultra-fine particles and blown into paper. This skill is not new things, but in the global call for energy-saving emission reduction under the large background, this "fashion" and the concept of environmental protection from scratch to focus on everyone. And "slender paper" show, not only practiced the two sessions of the initiative this year, "low carbon" theme, back to everyone's paper demand to provide a more selection. Inorganic powder stone stone (referred to as stone paper) is a large reserves, widely distributed limestone mineral capital as the primary data (calcium carbonate content of 70 to 80%), the polymer as the substrate material (content of 20 ~ 30%), the use of polymer interface chemistry and polymer modification characteristics, with exceptionally skilled treatment, the use of polymer extrusion, blow molding technology made of. Inorganic powder The eco-friendly stone paper has the same writing and printability as the plant fiber paper. Together with the plastic packaging has a central function.
  • Waste paper is the primary material of papermaking enterprises in China. China's annual imports of waste paper has more than 10 million tons, coupled with the domestic recovery of some waste paper, waste paper in the proportion of material structure as high as 52%. In addition to waste paper material, there are traditional trees, bamboo and other materials. And the composition of stone paper is mainly stone powder (composition of calcium carbonate), adding resin, due to the use of different materials in the traditional paper, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Geography and Capital researcher Dong Zhancheng that stone paper is based on inorganic data Of the paper industry, the environment is not a big pollution, no major damage to the capital, is an environmentally friendly industry, so it is expected to replace the traditional plant material based, organic materials based paper.
  • For the production of excellent stone paper, stone paper project on the production of high-performance equipment, but from the original data of the primary broken point of view, the demand for crusher, mill and other equipment broken material Iron, sulfur and other pollutants to be low, and usually manufacturers of crushing equipment and grinding equipment not only the output value of less than the standard, and iron and sulfur and other pollutants in the control is not perfect, so the manufacturers must To select the excellent crushing equipment and grinding equipment.
  • Zhengzhou has a lot of professional production to create ore damage machine, crusher, grinding machine, milling machine, sand making machine business, produced jaw crusher (jaw crusher), broken than large, uniform grain size , Simple structure, reliable operation, simple repair, operating costs and so on. PF series of anti-crushing machine can handle the length of 100 to 500 mm below the material, the compressive strength of up to 350 MPa, crushing ratio, broken material was cube particles. Cone crusher, suitable for crushing of hard materials, such as limestone broken, with production capacity, the small size of the material. Large-scale PE900x1200 jaw crusher, PF1315 impact crusher and with a large type of cone crusher, especially for large quantities of stone paper mills on the original demand for calcium carbonate. The company's production of Raymond Mill series, high pressure grinding, ultra-fine grinding, tricyclic medium-speed powder mill series is not only the best stone processing equipment, but also power plant desulfurization, steel desulphurization, cement processing and so the best processing equipment. After processing through the mill, get the calcium carbonate in the limestone, and then through the ultra-fine milling machine will be ground into high calcium 1500-2500 superfine powder, followed by the second process, 85% modified calcium carbonate added 15% of the additive made of masterbatch, and finally by kneading blown film equipment made of paper or bags.
  • In all the stone paper processing skills, in addition to broken grinding, there are several points higher demand: to send the material system to be closed, automatic program control switch feed, material modification process uniform, the indicators control grasp ; Die is the key to the production, there is a need for multi-layer composition, to be satisfied with the layers of close, uniform, circulation; appearance of the equipment to be based on different product positioning, conditioning or replacement to reach a higher level; Roll system tension, speed control accuracy to be automatically manipulated.
  • Raymond Mill offers very much room for development
  • Raymond mill manufacturers and more, shopping malls fierce competition, means of continuous innovation, service forms are also innovative. Which for the Raymond Mill provides a very large space for development, the same quality, ultra-low offer competition will never bring a positive impact on the development of Raymond Mill. With this, Raymond mill manufacturers can bring the user to the use of physical and mental pleasure, to bring cautious, professional, intimate, comprehensive service, transport users in the Raymond Mill with Raymond mill manufacturers inductive strength in-depth To understanding. It can be said that the details of Raymond Mill in the domestic shopping malls there is a very wide space, leaving each participating in the competition Raymond Mill manufacturers to explore, practice, performance. The export of these original advantages are gradually missing. Raymond Mill needs to adjust the Raymond Mill structure. To produce high value-added Raymond Mill, constitute a new advantage.

Raymond Mill operations process changes

  • Raymond Mill machine structure is composed of the host, fan, analysis machine and pipeline dust system, according to user needs can be equipped with crusher, hoist, storage silo, electromagnetic oscillation feeder, electrical control cabinet, etc. The The material is crushed to the required particle size by the crusher, and the material is sent to the storage bin by the hoist, and then the crushed material is uniformly fed into the master mill for grinding. In the grinding room due to grinding material in the water must be,
  • When the grinding heat, water vapor transpiration, and the whole pipe interface is not tight, the outside gas was inhaled, so that increased circulating pressure to ensure that the mill in the negative pressure state of operation, the added air flow through the residual air duct Discharged into the dust collector, was purified and discharged into the atmosphere, reducing environmental pollution.

Raymond Mill Debugging FAQ

  • Raymond Mill equipment can not be used immediately after the completion, but through the commissioning, Raymond Mill and its surrounding equipment after the normal operation of the normal production, then Raymond grinding aspects of what? Wear height?
  • Raymond Mill Debugging
  • Raymond grinding equipment after the end of the manual car, to confirm the absence of stuck after the test. The test should be carried out for 2-4h no load test and 5-6h load test.
  • 1. No load test
  • The no-load test is carried out without feeding, and it is necessary to reach the following requirements:
  • (1) electrical interlock system test, according to the launch process, its start and parking are in line with the electrical interlocking system planning needs;
  • (2) all fasteners should be solid, no loose appearance;
  • (3) flywheel rolling smoothly;
  • (4) bearing temperature does not exceed 30 ℃.
  • (5) bearing smooth normal, no oil spill appearance.
  • 2. Load test
  • The load test should be carried out after the no-load test, in addition to the requirements of the no-load test, it is necessary to reach the following needs:
  • (1) should not show significant oscillation and abnormal sound, such as rendering, it is necessary to immediately parking, identify the cause, eliminate problems, start from scratch;
  • (2) accurate feeding direction, discharge normal, grain size and output value are in line with demand.

Raymond Mill Note

  • Raymond Mill selection and selection of the most important, as the main manufacturer of Raymond Mill here on the selection of Raymond Mill to do a detailed analysis of the following experts on the user some tips.
  • The selection of Raymond milling equipment is mainly to see the powder material manufacturers to deal with the nature of the material (including mineral structure, hardness, color, the required grain size, grain, etc.) a variety of factors. In addition, from the actual start, look at the installed capacity of the machine, that is, power consumption (energy consumption) and the demand for powder unit unit output value, for the exceptionally demanded powder, the user is usually in the powder product particle shape To be noted. In addition, due to non-metallic mineral powder products are mostly white mineral deposits, so the selection of Raymond grinding equipment, the secondary pollution of goods should pay special attention.
  • Based on the above questions, the experts think that the user picks the equipment, the first choice to understand what kind of equipment you are planning to purchase, what kind of planning principles, equipment structure can happen, so that the selection of equipment And your needs of the output value, merchandise size, grading and so close to.