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Wollastonite Stone Crusher

Introduction of wollastonite

Wollastonite has a very good insulation, heat resistance, weatherability, but also has a high whiteness, so wollastonite powder is widely used in chemical, ceramics, metallurgy, plastics, coatings, paper, rubber, Welding electrodes and many other areas.

Wollastonite after crushing, grinding procedures can be obtained after the application of wollastonite powder. Wollastonite crusher mainly used Machine Factory production of wollastonite crusher. Wollastonite crusher is a new crusher built for wollastonite crushing, with targeted, high efficiency and other advantages, is the excellent wollastonite broken "weapons & rdquo ;.

Wollastonite Impact Crusher Structure

Wollastonite crusher structure is relatively simple, mainly by the rack, transmission, rotor, hammer and counterattack plate and other components.

Wollastonite Impact Crusher Working Principle

Impact crusher is the use of plate hammer high-speed impact and counterattack plate rebound effect, so that the material by repeated impact and broken machinery. The plate hammer is mounted on a high-speed rotating rotor and arranges a number of counterattack plates at different angles along the crushing chamber. Material into the role of the plate hammer when the first hit by the first hammer hammer and the first break, and at the same time to obtain kinetic energy, high-speed rushed to the counterattack plate. Material and counterattack plate collision again broken, was bounced back to the role of plate hammer, re-hammer by the impact. So repeated until it is broken into the required size and discharged outside the machine.

Wollastonite Impact Crusher Performance Advantage

  • 1, wollastonite crusher structure design is simple, reasonable, compact, small footprint, the fault is relatively small, more convenient operation and maintenance.
  • 2, wollastonite crusher crusher counterweight and plate hammer can be freely adjusted between, can effectively control the ore grain size.
  • 3, wollastonite crusher plate hammer, counterattack plate, etc. is made of high chromium plate material, with impact, anti-wear.
  • Wollastonite Stone Crusher
  • 4, wollastonite crusher production efficiency is higher, and the machine wear less, greatly improving the overall efficiency of the equipment.
  • 5, wollastonite crusher crushing process throughout the zero pollution, low noise, for the field operators to create a good operating environment.
  • 6, wollastonite crusher crusher energy saving capacity, power consumption is only the same specifications with other counterattack crusher 45%.
  • 7, wollastonite crusher prices more economical and reasonable, with a high cost.

Wollastonite jaw crusher

Wollastonite belongs to a kind of carbonate mineral, which is widely used in papermaking, ceramics, cement, rubber and other industries. Wollastonite jaw crusher is a crushing equipment commonly used in wollastonite processing. It is targeted for crushed wollastonite , Broken effect is very significant, and can break large pieces of wollastonite to meet customer needs, but now wollastonite jaw crusher manufacturer is very much, which manufacturers produce wollastonite jaw crusher good , Here for everyone to recommend a production of wollastonite jaw crusher the best manufacturers & mdash; ZENITH machines, the manufacturers of wollastonite jaw crusher performance are very good, in addition to Have the following advantages, see below specifically.

1, quality advantage

ZENITH machine production of this wollastonite jaw crusher are used in the best material processing, wear parts are used by the most advanced wear-resistant material, with high wear resistance and impact resistance, reducing the broken The friction in the process, extending the parts replacement cycle, and the production of every aspect of the equipment are very strict, never allow any quality problems, so you can rest assured that use.

Wollastonite Stone Crusher

2, the price advantage

In the premise of ensuring the quality of equipment, equipment prices in the same industry is the lowest, because ZENITH machine is a production, sales, scientific research as one of the mine equipment manufacturers, is their own production of their own sales, there is no middlemen to earn Equipment, the price difference, the corresponding equipment on the low price, and then ZENITH machine manufacturers located in Zhengzhou, Henan, Henan and Zhengzhou is the level of consumption of the general city, the corresponding equipment prices on the low.

3, service advantages

ZENITH machines can provide customers with a high standard of service, which other manufacturers do not have, and for customers to develop a reasonable wollastonite crushing production line to help customers choose the right model of equipment, in addition, ZENITH machine can Customers tailor-made equipment to ensure that the customer's production costs to a minimum, free of charge for the installation and commissioning of the equipment, the operation of the operator knowledge training to make it more familiar with the equipment operation process, the correct operation of equipment, Operation error.

4, structural advantages

ZENITH machine production of this wollastonite jaw crusher is a vertical structure, the volume is very small, the weight is very light, reducing the part of the area and the customer's infrastructure funds, the internal structure of the design is relatively simple, Operation and maintenance more convenient, shorten the equipment downtime.